I enjoy communicating data protection, privacy, and ethics-related topics to professional, academic, and non-academic audience. This page lists my upcoming and past speaking engagmenets.


Panel discussion on charities and Artificial Intelligence - Charity Law Association Annual Conference, London, October 12 2023

Exploring Children’s Rights and Artificial Intelligence – Information Commissioner’s Office Scottish Privacy Forum, Online, August 1 2023

Children’s Rights and Artificial Intelligence: Teach-in for the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation – Online, July 19 2023

Artificial Intelligence and Education: Existential threat or an everyday toolkit? – House of Commons, London, July 18 2023

Fairplay Global Community Call on Children and Generative AI – Online, July 12 2023

Embedding Ethics: Practice – Data Science & AI Educators Programme, The Alan Turing Institute, June 21 2023

Co-creating Data Protection Solutions through a Commons - Council of Europe Bureau of the Committee of Convention 108 Plenary, Strasbourg, June 16 2023

Embedding Ethics: Background – Data Science & AI Educators Programme, The Alan Turing Institute, June 7 2023

Exploring Children’s Rights and Child-Centred AI - Many Worlds of AI, University of Cambridge, April 28 2023

Data Ethics for the Built Environment – Privacy Symposium, April 19 2023

Internet of Things and the Law Book Discussion – EUI Information Society Working Group, April 14 2023

Exploring Children’s Rights and AI - Breaking News! – Scottish AI Summit, March 28 2023


A healthy trust in data? Personalised health and preventative care – Newcastle University, October 26 2022

The Data Commons: How user power can protect privacy and promote data protection – National Association of Data Protection Officers, October 25 2022

The Alan Turing Institute and the Real Estate Sector – The RED Foundation Forum, October 11 2022

Beyond Big Data Surveillance: Freedom & Fairness – University of Ottawa, May 18 2022

Regulating AI: discussion on the Why, When and How – The Alan Turing Institute, May 5 2022


Data protection and governance in educational spaces – University of Winchester, November 25 2021

Alternative Data Futures: Cooperative Principles, Data Trusts, and the Digital Economy – Platform Cooperativism Conference, November 18 2021

A Commons for Online Learning: Supporting students’ data protection preferences – Higher Education Institutional Research Conference, September 23 2021

A Conversation on Web Scraping – DataKind UK, September 15 2021

Online Learning as a Commons: Supporting the co-creation of data protection solutions through a collaborative digital environment – Scottish Law and Innovation Network (SCOTLIN), August 26 2021

Whither data portability? Obstacles to the GDPR’s newest data subject right – British and Irish Law Education and Technology Association (BILETA) Annual Conference 2021, April 16 2021

A Commons for Online Learning : Supporting civic data protection education in the digital classroom – British and Irish Law Education and Technology Association (BILETA) Annual Conference 2021, April 15 2021

Virtual Hack: How can we tackle the spread of ‘fake news’ and build public knowledge and trust in sound science? – The Royal Society of Edinburgh Post-Covid-19 Futures Commission, March 25 2021

Women and Girls’ Empowerment through Responsive Quality Education – United National Women NGO CSW Forum, March 16 2021


Data Ethics as a Theory of Knowledge – Hong Kong (online), November 9 2020

Online Learning as a Commons – Open Education Policy Forum, October 29 2020

Data Protection as a Commons – Creative Commons Summit, October 22 2020

Data Protection for the Common Good – Data for Policy Conference, September 15 2020

Unconscious Bias: Building data ethics into our tech industry – Lloyds Banking Group Women ConnecTech, July 21 2022

Riot, Rebellion, Resistance, Repression: Representations of and Responses to Protest, Policing, and Power from 1900 to the Present – State Violence Research Network Conference, April 10 2020

Power, Migration, & Ethics in the Age of Surveillance – No Tech for Tyrants, April 3 2020


Improving the GDPR right to data portability – Scottish Open Rights Group North Conference, October 26 2019

The right to data portability in practice – Commission Nationale Informatique & Libertés, June 13 2019

The Right to Data Portability in Practice – British Computer Society, June 5 2019

Exercising the GDPR’s right to data portability – Open Rights Group Aberdeen, April 25 2019

Data ethics, technological exceptionalism, and privacy: from legal and technological perspectives – London School of Economics and Political Science, March 28 2019

The right to data portability in practice – University of St Andrews, March 14 2019

Exercising the GDPR Right to Data Portability in context – Chinese University of Hong Kong, January 28 2019


The right to data portability in practice – MyData, October 26 2018

The right to data portability in practice – St Andrews Institute for Data-Intensive Research, October 25 2018