External Publications & Media

Both within and outside of academic, I like to write, speak, and reflect on my experiences and activities that I get up to. Here is a selected list of those articles:

Sport technology can be a game-changer but it will never beat emotion - The Courier article

22 July 2021

I wrote an articlefor The Courier on why data and sport tech transforms how we view and participate in sport but won't necessarily change how we feel about it.

Ikea France fined €1m for snooping on staff - BBC Radio Scotland

16 June 2021

I was on the Good Morning Scotland BBC Radio Scotland programme to discuss workplace surveillance and data protection about the Ikea France case.

Vaccine Passports: what are they, do I need one, and what information could they contain? - The Courier article

13 March 2021

I wrote an article for print and digital for The Courier explaining what vaccine passports are and how they could take shape in Scotland and the UK.

Despite home learning challenges, there are silver linings - STV News article

27 February 2021

I wrote an article for STV on how despite the fact that online learning has been extremely difficult, especially for those with limited digital access, there still are silver linings that we can take with us as we slowly return to the physical classroom.

Homeschooling and working from home - STV News at Six

19 January 2021

I was interviewed by Louise Hosie for STV News at Six (19th January 2021) on the importance of sharing your homeschool & work experience with those around you to feel less alone following FM Nicola Sturgeon's lockdown and school closure announcement.

Facebook, Twitter pause government requests for user data from Hong Kong

6 July 2020

I was interviewed and quoted in this PRI The World article about internet privacy in Hong Kong.

Reflecting on the International Data Curation Conference: On FAIRness, preserving memory, and making collective curation ethical

17 April 2020

I am a contributor to the Springer Nature Research Data Blog and have written about my experience at the International Data Curation Conference 2020 in Dublin.

We're watching you: COVID-19 surveillance raises privacy fears

3 April 2020

I was quoted in this Al Jazeera article on government mandated COVID-19 surveillance applications.

Reflecting on Data Ethics and Life as a Researcher - Janis Wong on Being the 2018-19 St Leonard's Associate Researcher

2 July 2019

My reflections teaching Theory of Knowledge to International Baccalaureate students at St Leonards

Levelling the Playing Field: young women’s relationship with sport and physical activity – Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe)

27 June 2019

My blog post for the Scottish Parliament Information Centre looking at our Scottish Parliament Committee Report on how the Scottish Government should address the gender gap of young women's participation in sport and physical activity.

Janis Wong
PhD researcher

Janis Wong is an interdisciplinary PhD researcher in Computer Science at the Centre for Research into Information, Surveillance and Privacy (CRISP), University of St Andrews. Janis is interested in the legal and technological applications in data protection, privacy, and data ethics. She is also a Research Fellow at the Open Data Institute.